IGNOU Admission Status 2024: How to Check Confirmation Status Online?

IGNOU Admission Status 2024: How to Check Confirmation Status Online?

IGNOU Admission Status 2024: IGNOU provides admission status facilities for students enrolling in any programme at University. Students are allowed to check their IGNOU admission status. When students ask a question, University will answer them online. IGNOU admission status for both July and January sessions, as the application forms are often denied due to eligibility issues or incorrect academic documents submitted by the applicant.

The applicants who have enrolled for the IGNOU July session can check their admission confirmation. To check IGNOU admission status they can visit the online status portal of the University. To confirm whether the admission process is completed or not, the applicants would receive an email and SMS from the University. The time duration of confirmation or any action against the application for admission is two months.

It is an important step to check the IGNOU Admission Status so that they can take corrective actions if there is any problem in the admission process. There are two ways to check the IGNOU Admission Status.

To check their admission status, students should visit the official website ignou and log in to their candidate account. It is advisable to wait for a minimum of two months from the date of application form submission until they receive a confirmation email or SMS from the university.

Students who want to know IGNOU Admission Status by Control Number can follow the steps given in the article or follow this link-

For session 2024, students enrolled in any IGNOU program can promptly verify their admission status by visiting:

How to Check IGNOU Admission Status?

Once the applicants had filled out IGNOU application forms before the last date of admission and also submitted the registration fee for that specific course that is charged by the university. The fee is usually affordable and varies from course to course. Although the IGNOU offers education at a different level, the application form submission process is the same for all.

IGNOU Admission Status 2024 is also the same for all the UG, PG, PG Diploma courses, and certificate courses. However there are some courses of IGNOU that are entrance-based, and to check for the admission confirmation status, the students first need to pass the entrance exam.

The applicants can follow the steps below to know their IGNOU admission status: Here are a few easy steps to check the IGNOU Admission status:

Step 1: Visit the official website direct link for the online admission status portal of IGNOU
Step 2: “Know your status” is displayed on the screen.
Step 3: “Admission/Registration detail” window will open, then click on the link.
Step 4: Then, Fill up the blank with the “Enrollment Number” and “Applied Programme” of your choice.
Step 5: Select the ”course code” that the applicant has applied for admission. The course code is the short form of the course name that is specified by IGNOU in its prospectus.
Step 6: Enter the verification code and Click on the “Submit” button.
Step 7: Press the Search Button that appears Below.
Click the “Know your status” button.

Step 5: Click on the “submit” button.
Step 6: Fill in the captcha that is mentioned in blue or green color on the blank Column.
Step 7: The applicant will be redirected to the new page containing details of the Admission

If a student has filled in all the details correctly and uploaded all the required documents properly on time, then only the Regional Centers will accept the application forms and move further to the admission process. Deserving candidates will be able to see the admission process as “Confirmed” under the Admission Status Page. Candidates receive the confirmation mail about IGNOU admission or if an error occurs candidates can go through the official web portal or their nearest regional centre.

How to Check IGNOU Admission or Registration Status Online?

  • Firstly students need to visit the official website of IGNOU to check admission or registration status-
  • Students land on the home page and then click on student zone. Now admission icon will be shown, and students or candidates will finally click on the registration status.  
  • Now students click on the link on the page and enter their name or enrollment number to check their admission and Registration Details.
  • And at the last IGNOU admission or registration status is live on your screen, students can download it for future reference.

How to check IGNOU Admission Status by Name?

IGNOU students get their login and their passwords when they register for the first time in the IGNOU official portal and generate a user ID by their names and numeric combination, that User name can be used further to know the IGNOU Admission status.

many students are experiencing difficulty knowing whether their IGNOU registration status or re-admission status is confirmed. many students get the enrollment number after they pay the application fee but some don’t because many students are applying for the application. Click here to know the IGNOU admission status

Candidates can follow these simple steps to check IGNOU admission status by name:

  • First visit IGNOU’s official website:
  • Now follow the navigational path: Home > Student Zone > Admission > Registration Status
  • Now click on the link that appears on your screen and fill enrollment number to check your status.
  • Must save this information for future reference.

What to do After Confirming IGNOU Admission Status?

The students are suggested to confirm their admission first. If they get any text message from the university along with that, a mail on the provided mail then, it is signing that the admission is confirmed, but the applicants must confirm by checking online on the IGNOU official site.

The next important step for the learner is to download their ID Card. While students download the ID cards, the students will be asked for a password. Now the students need to fill in their enrollment number as a password to download their ID cards.

It is necessary to have an ID card to confirm that the applicant has been accepted by the university and enrolled in the applied courses. Students can also use their IGNOU identity cards to find the study center where they can resolve any queries they have that cannot be resolved online. When the admission status is clear, online books can help students begin their studies.

What is IGNOU Enrollment Number?

An enrollment number is a 14-digit number. It is assigned to any Indira Gandhi Open University student after applying for the IGNOU admission form and paying the respective fee for that program. The IGNOU enrollment number is generated automatically once the students successfully submit the application form online. 

The enrollment number works as a unique identification number for the students. So, it is very important to identify the number. Many students take admission with the same names, and sometimes even the students’ last names match and wrong data is shared with them. To avoid such problems, enrollment numbers are used everywhere, like ID cards, mark sheets, application forms, admit cards, etc.

How to Check IGNOU Admission Status by Control Number?

To check your IGNOU admission status you have to open the official website, follow the admission status link then follow the steps mentioned above. Control numbers are 10-digit numbers generated automatically once an application fee is paid by the student. Additionally, the control number serves as an identification number. It allows students to check their IGNOU admissions status for 2024. The control number for July session 2024-25 consists of 10 digits, and it is followed by an alphabet.

If the students have their control number, it reflects that their form is submitted and under process for verification. Currently, students are experiencing some difficulties in getting the IGNOU admission status because their admission verification is currently being processed by IGNOU.

How to find the control number IGNOU?

The university sent a control number, a 10-digit number when the IGNOU entrance fee was paid. Students must save this control number because it is crucial when obtaining study materials or downloading tickets for events or identification cards. It serves as an IGNOU enrollment number and enables login as well. The control number IGNOU can be found by students in their mail INBOX.

Know Your IGNOU Admission Status by IGNOU Student Login

Students enrolled in any of the programs at IGNOU have access to a student login. Logging into IGNOU is the student’s portal. It provides many facilities through its online admission system. IGNOU applicants can log into their accounts with their enrollment number, username, and password. 

A ten-digit enrollment number will be supplied to those who successfully register for the courses. With the use of a login, students can control their activity after logging in. For a variety of tasks, including admission, registration, submitting assignments, paying bills, and downloading certificates, aspirants can log in to the IGNOU student site. When logging into IGNOU, this control number can be used to trace applications, check on their status, and retrieve forgotten usernames. Please read the complete article for more details.

IGNOU Admission Status ‘Approved’/Confirmed

  • This means the regional center has approved or validated the student’s application form.
  • The university will notify the applicant by email/SMS that their request has been approved.
  • At the beginning of the academic year, all qualified candidates can begin their studies and assignments.

How to Recover IGNOU Password

  • Candidates who have forgotten their IGNOU login credentials can regain them by following the university’s instructions. The following instructions will help you retrieve your IGNOU login credentials.
  • IGNOU Username Recovery
  • IGNOU’s main site is
  • Then click on ‘Forgotten Login.’
  • Enter your code number, enrolled mail, enrolled mobile phone number, and the program you used.
  • Click on ‘Search
  • Check your email for your username and password.

IGNOU Password Recovery

  • Visit the IGNOU website at
  • On the login page, click ‘Forgotten password.’
  • Username, mobile number, and email
  • Clicking on ‘Submit.’
  • To change your password, enter the email address.

Ways to check the IGNOU Admission Status

  • Students, once filled out the form, can check the status of where they will be getting admission-related information. 
  • Students will have an ID and Password that should be inserted in the Students Login Section. 
  • This section is created for the student’s understanding and guidance. 
  • After logging in, Students will get the information related to their admission form status. 
  • The recent IGNOU Re-registration Form 2024 status will be showcased once an applicant has completed the form steps and has submitted the fees. 

How To Check IGNOU Admission Status For July Session?

IGNOU has announced the admission date for the July session of 2024. Students can register themselves till 20 October 2024 (Except for Certificate Courses). The students can check the registration status only after filling out the IGNOU application forms. When the applicants fill out the form and pay the application form fee, the university forwards them an enrollment number to check the other details. Students of IGNOU July session 2024 can also check their registration status from the IGNOU official portal.

IGNOU Re-Admission Status 2024

To check the IGNOU re-admission status, Students can check the below points and follow to know more about IGNOU re-registration status.

  • Students need to visit the official website of IGNOU University
  • By using their 9-digit enrollment number, those who have taken re-admission can check their status online.
  • Students can check their IGNOU Re-Admission Status in order to find out whether or not their application form has been approved or rejected by checking it on their IGNOU Re-Admission Status page.
  • There will also be a delay in updating the official website of IGNOU University once it has been updated.

What are the Important Points to be Kept in Mind While Doing Registration?

Registration for IGNOU courses requires some considerations in order to be successful. First, you must fill out your personal information and academic information correctly. Secondly, make sure the documents are uploaded in the correct format and size. The last step is to make sure the submission deadline is met.

Why is IGNOU Admission Status 2024 not Confirmed?

A large number of students had applied for multiple courses. The university verifies all the documents that the applicants upload. The verification process is very time-consuming. If any student is checking their admission status for July session 2024 on the online portal of IGNOU it is not showing the status properly.

Afterward, it is suggested that you wait for a few days before making a decision. After the application form has been successfully submitted to the university, the admission will be confirmed within a seven-day period.

Many students fill out online IGNOU application forms to gain admission to IGNOU. They fill in all the required answers but make mistakes in uploading the documents. Sometimes the sizes of the documents are not appropriate or maybe the documents are not scanned properly.

Many students graduate from high school or middle school with academic credentials that are not acknowledged by the local board of education. In these cases, the students’ schools give them duplicate certificates, and the students then submit the phony documents. The university will not accept such application forms after they have been checked against such papers.

It is also possible that students upload documents in an incorrect manner and their online verification is not possible. In this case, the university does not confirm the admission and the status shown on the portal is not confirmed. Many candidates check the status of their IGNOU BA admission, as well as that of other courses that they might be interested in.

FAQs about IGNOU Admission Status?

How long does it take to get confirmation of enrollment in IGNOU?

After successful submission of the IGNOU admission application with relevant documents and fees. It would take approximately 2 months to get confirmation of enrollment in IGNOU meanwhile students can check their admission status by following the above-mentioned steps.

How can I get my IGNOU enrollment number?

The University allot an Ignou enrollment number to its applicants after confirming the application fee and the admission is confirmed once the applicants get the enrollment number and they can download the other necessary documents which are needed for a student like an ID card AND study material access etc.

 What is a student enrollment number?

The 10-digit number that is mentioned in the ID card of the IGNOU students. The enrollment number is very important to fill any form like the IGNOU exam form, or re-registration to the new session after passing the exam.

 How much time does it take to complete the IGNOU Admission Procedure?

Students who are enrolling for the IGNOU Regional Centres need to be aware that students, after submitting all the required documents, need to wait for at least 2 months so that the university reviews and verifies all details, and accordingly students will be notified of their acceptance status from the Regional Centre they have chosen.

Can a student cancel their admission after the commencement of the academic year?

Cancellation is possible, but students will not get the refund in any case because there are terms and conditions of IGNOU that, once the fees are paid, will not be refunded under any circumstances. 

What are the admission fees of IGNOU University?

The Admission fees of IGNOU University are 800/- Rupees for general category students and 600/- Rupees for the reserved category. 

Are Original Documents necessary to submit for IGNOU Admission?

Original documents need to be uploaded by scanning all original documents for the verification process. 

 How Many sessions of Admission does IGNOU Take? 

There are two cycles in which students can enroll themselves for admissions; the process is available for the January and July months.

 What is my IGNOU admission status by control number and how can I find it?

In the IGNOU Online admission portal, students receive an 11-digit Control Number as soon as they have successfully paid their admission fees. A Control Number is automatically generated and is unique to each student.

 When will I be notified of my IGNOU admission acceptance?

After submitting the IGNOU application form with the registration fee, usually the university would take 2 months from the date of application to confirm the acceptance. Until students can check IGNOU admission status by following the above-mentioned steps in this article.

What to do after your admission to IGNOU is confirmed?

Once you have received your admission confirmation from IGNOU, you will get your coursework and class schedules, lectures, and notes then you can start preparing for your course.

 How to check admission status in IGNOU?

 Students can check out their admission status on the IGNOU official website

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